Tuesday, 30 September 2008

More evidence

Found this interesting piece written about Lamb here:


For me the most abhorrent stench from this unflushable stool came today. I had his show on again like someone who repeatedly sticks their finger in a plug socket. He was talking about Apocalypse Now and one of the thicket of cronies he surrounds himself with started talking about the book, “Heart of Darkness” on which it is based. The guy said the book was set in Africa somewhere, seemingly embarrassed by the unwelcome, uncool intellectual implications of revealing this knowledge. Immediately Lamb set upon him jeering that a film about the Vietnam War could not be based on a book about Africa. Another crony then corroborated the first’s statement adding that the book was set in the Congo.

Did Lamb graciously acknowledge his mistake? Did he take on board this new information and perhaps encourage more talk for the benefit of the listener?

No, he took the opportunity to demonstrate his own area of expertise as he recited, alone, the entire song from the ‘Um Bongo’ commercial.


By the way, if you have any examples of Lamb cuntery feel free to share and I will post them onto the blog for all to see and enjoy.

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