Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lamb = Lame

It appears even his fellows DJ's at 6Music have no respect for Lamb's 'talents'.

More evidence

Found this interesting piece written about Lamb here:


For me the most abhorrent stench from this unflushable stool came today. I had his show on again like someone who repeatedly sticks their finger in a plug socket. He was talking about Apocalypse Now and one of the thicket of cronies he surrounds himself with started talking about the book, “Heart of Darkness” on which it is based. The guy said the book was set in Africa somewhere, seemingly embarrassed by the unwelcome, uncool intellectual implications of revealing this knowledge. Immediately Lamb set upon him jeering that a film about the Vietnam War could not be based on a book about Africa. Another crony then corroborated the first’s statement adding that the book was set in the Congo.

Did Lamb graciously acknowledge his mistake? Did he take on board this new information and perhaps encourage more talk for the benefit of the listener?

No, he took the opportunity to demonstrate his own area of expertise as he recited, alone, the entire song from the ‘Um Bongo’ commercial.


By the way, if you have any examples of Lamb cuntery feel free to share and I will post them onto the blog for all to see and enjoy.

How Lamb made it onto radio

You're probably wondering while you're smashing your radio between 10am and 1pm, how did George Lamb make it onto 6Music when it's so apparent, even to the deaf, that he has no talent whatsoever? Well there is a simple and honest answer to that question and here it is:

Lesley Douglas. Douglas, the controller of the 6Music radio station wanted to broaden the demographic of its listenership because as she saw it, "women were more "emotional" about music, while men tended to be interested in its "intellectual" side". So she brings in Lamb who is considered by superficial females and certain sections of the retarded media circle to be "fit". Talent and music nous were no longer a requirement to be a DJ on what is, after all, a music station (hence its name). So out went music fanatic Gideon Coe on the morning show and in came Lamb, a gurning buffoon who thinks music is something nice you find playing over adverts on TV.
There are also some questions to be answered over Douglas' appointment of a large proportion of DJ's while head of Radio 2, and now 6Music, from one solitary agency - the John Noel Agency, of which George Lamb is one.

Check out this article here http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/2008/02/6music-leading-the-fight-or-losing-its-way/

Monday, 29 September 2008

A list of Lamb's favourites

Here is a list of things that George Lamb genuinely thinks are good ideas:

1. Shouting 'Shabba'
2. Lily Allen
3. Big Brother TV show
4. Saying "Ladies and Gentlemen" every 2 minutes
5. Air horns on the radio
6. Not preparing for interviews with guests
7. Overly large bow-ties
8. BBC3
9. Fake cockney banter
10. A failure to understand what music is
11. "More street than concrete"
12. Zezi Ifore


Sunday, 28 September 2008

Lamb IS the biggest cunt on radio.

Case for the prosecution...

What a cunt Lamb is.


An introduction to George Lamb

Not heard George Lamb on the radio? Lucky you, but what if you were tempted (why??), well here's an introduction that someone kindly loaded up on to YouTube:

So where to start?

Lets start by saying simply, George Lamb is a cunt.

Over the next few weeks this blog will give evidence and creedence to the fact, and it is a FACT, that 'DJ', TV presenter and vocal arse George Lamb is a cunt.
Please feel free to add your comments.
To be cuntinued.