Tuesday, 30 September 2008

How Lamb made it onto radio

You're probably wondering while you're smashing your radio between 10am and 1pm, how did George Lamb make it onto 6Music when it's so apparent, even to the deaf, that he has no talent whatsoever? Well there is a simple and honest answer to that question and here it is:

Lesley Douglas. Douglas, the controller of the 6Music radio station wanted to broaden the demographic of its listenership because as she saw it, "women were more "emotional" about music, while men tended to be interested in its "intellectual" side". So she brings in Lamb who is considered by superficial females and certain sections of the retarded media circle to be "fit". Talent and music nous were no longer a requirement to be a DJ on what is, after all, a music station (hence its name). So out went music fanatic Gideon Coe on the morning show and in came Lamb, a gurning buffoon who thinks music is something nice you find playing over adverts on TV.
There are also some questions to be answered over Douglas' appointment of a large proportion of DJ's while head of Radio 2, and now 6Music, from one solitary agency - the John Noel Agency, of which George Lamb is one.

Check out this article here http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/2008/02/6music-leading-the-fight-or-losing-its-way/

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